Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Favorite Pantry Staples

I was thinking about the most important non-perishable staples that I have in my pantry and what I could not live without! Here's my list:

1. Black beans/other types of beans
2. Spaghetti sauce
3. Canned soup
4. Tuna
5. Pasta (multiple kinds)
6. Rice
7. Yeast
8. Brother (for me, chicken)
9. Dried fruits (for snacking)
10. Canned whole (new) potatoes (side dishes, potato salad for emergencies, add to soups)

Here is the list - some of them are so obvious and I really don't need to explain. Some of the others have explanations. These save me so much money because I can whip up a meal easily and cheaply. All of the items are inexpensive and can turn an unplanned dinner night into a winner!

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