Sunday, January 10, 2010

Eating out – good, bad, or just okay?

Like most people, we love to go out to eat a couple times a week. I realize that is so expensive and I can save a lot more money by cooking in. I keep thinking lately, is it that good, bad or just okay?

I think there are a few pros to going out to eat and I want to share them because life would be boring if you never went out. The first, you (are hopefully) exploring new restaurants, foods, people, etc. Sometimes by going out to eat, it will inspire you to actually try to emulate the recipe at home. Second, unless you are Julia Child, cooking can just be a pain. It is nice to take a break and let someone serve you! Last, if you are smart about going out to eat, the price may not be that much higher than cooking at home. What do I mean? There are several websites that offer steep discounts on dining out. There are often coupons in the Sunday paper that help defray the cost of going out at particular restaurants.

There are some major cons to going out to eat. The biggest one is obviously pouring money into an establishment instead of your bank account. Second, you get to stay at home, cook in your pjs if you wish and relax. Third, you don’t have to pay for gas to drive there, thus reducing the mileage on your vehicle. Last, you probably have a pantry full, refrigerator full, and a freezer full of perfectly good food – don’t waste it, use it!

So, is eating out good, bad, or just okay? My vote is just okay. There are pros and cons that are important to consider, but face it, eating out is just plain okay sometimes :)

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