Friday, January 8, 2010

Frugal Cooking

I am trying to cook more at home with cheaper ingredients. Cooking/baking is slowly becoming something I really do enjoy. I think it is fun to make new recipes that my family enjoys. It saves me money by not going out to eat too. I often cook from scratch with regards to many recipes like cookies, cakes, muffins etc. Pre-mix boxes are often steeply priced unless you can hit a good sale on those goods. I often use my many cookbooks my mom supplied me with to make my own version of things. They usually come out better than pre-mixes.

When I have to buy sugar, flour, and other basic cooking supplies, I always buy generic! Why? As far as I am concerned, the name brand and the generic brand taste exactly the same and the price difference shows!

If my cookbooks don’t have a good recipe, I often go to to find a better recipe. On a similar note, you could just type in a search for frugal recipes to see what you find.

Anyone have a yummy frugal recipe?

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