Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Art of the Smart Cookies

One of the inspirations for getting back into my abandoned blog came from the book “Smart Cookies”. A few times a year, I start thinking about how I need to save more money, how I shouldn’t waste my money away on frivolous lunches, dinners, and drinks out, etc, etc, etc. I then end up at my local library. Why? I use my FREE library card to take out books about saving money for inspiration and to re-focus my life.

I came across “Smart Cookies”, which inspired me to take a more ‘doable’ approach to finances. It was actually a breath of fresh air. Although I would love to save every dime I earn other than what is used for bills, it just isn’t practical. Sure, I could save money by cutting out our cable bill, never ever going out to eat again, but that just isn’t practical. I realized moderation is key – cut down on going out to eat or have drinks at home. That is more like it!

The book highlighted –wants versus needs. Do I really need another pair of black boots? Do I really have to eat Thai twice in one week? No, not really, but I want to. That is the key. But that extra $10, $20, $50 dollars that you used to buy yet another pair of black boots could have gone straight into the bank to go towards savings.

This is a book that I will keep on my list for referencing and to remain focused and inspired!

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