Monday, January 11, 2010

My Crystal Ball - Clothes Swap Party

I can see into my future ... I am seeing something totally fun, different, and girly!

I have recently started thinking about how many clothes and other things I have in my home that I don’t use. What a waste. Some of the things are brand new and I don’t feel like wearing it or using it.

I had read that many people throw clothes swap parties. I love a good party, especially when I am getting rid of a few things and gaining things I hope to use. My plan is to have this party when it gets a little warmer, say April or March. I want to invite approximately 15 people so that there are a good variety of items to choose from. People will be asked to bring 3 to 5 items (clothes, shoes, house decorations, purses, etc). I am going to serve things like appetizers and drinks. I am so excited to really start planning the specific details in the upcoming months and most important, share how it went on my blog!

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