Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Read - The Total Money Makeover

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey was a good read.

I like to read a good book relating money, finances, frugality at least once a month. I have found that it helps me stay on track with saving money and not over-indulging.

His book really helped me to think about debt. We all have some form - whether it is college loans, mortgage, or car loans. Nevertheless, he speaks about reducing debt as quickly as you can. Now, that sounds easier said than done, but he spoke about a couple of things that hit close to home. The first is 'stuffits', which is basically means buying and wanting stuff. The end product of ‘stuffits’ is basically that, too much stuff that means nothing to you. I do this all the time, I will be out shopping and have to have that purse or picture frame. The bottom line is - that is where savings/paying down debt is broken down. Second, I know so many people who NEED to have the best of things - stereo equipment, new cars, and the best clothes. Again, that impacts your bottom line - saving and paying down debt.

The book really helped me see that I would have a sense of personal peace, the less debt I have. Most people want this, but don't have this motto. My goal for 2010 has been to save money - the book helped me remember this.

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